Dear readers,

Welcome to Fitbizmama and I hope you are here to stay with me! Follow with me for life stories, fitness chats, fun healthy recipes, challenges, cries, laughs and sharing because THAT is caring for one another. This is not just a mommy blog, and it is not just for mothers either–this is simply a blog written by someone who is a mother, and proud! I am somebody you can relate to, a not-photoshopped human being, who is not perfect, but strives to achieve healthy looking body after a child. My goal is to get YOU into a FITNESS state of mind because that’s where it starts, in our heads, the belief that we can do it. Our time is limited, and for the time that we do have, we must take care of our bodies and health, and since fitness and healthy eating are interrelated concepts, I say let’s do this together!


Tiger Mountain in beautiful Issaquah, WA