Running is not for everyone indeed

By Richard Saxon at

By Richard Saxon at


Hi guys!

I know you tried running at some point. I will give you points later in articles about how to develop stamina for this sport. However, I do agree with article here below by a mom named Jen, who is a runner, that running is not for everyone, indeed. If you hate it, find another sport to invest yourself into, but give running a fair amount of tries and challenge your body. If after that you still hate everything about it, find another way of doing cardio. The world won’t end there, I promise, and at the end of the day you HAVE to do YOU.


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Kisses are precious

Kisses are precious. Sometimes I sit and think…where were you all my life (about my precious daughter Nicole)? I remember all the difficulties Alex and I overcame and continue to overcome but we would not have it any other way, as I am sure neither would you.

MAMALOGUES are the stories we share about all the moments in life as a parent. The challenges, the milestones, the happy and sad–all the moments that we go through as we try so hard to raise the little humans.

My hope is that through sharing and caring about each other’s experiences, we will uplift one another. Regardless of your parenting style or mine we all have ONE common goal–and that is to see our children happy, smiling and healthy.

My baby and I

My nugget and I having mommy love (FINALLY, since all goes to daddy instead))) before bedtime.

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Fitness is a state of mind

  • I was you, you were me.

Memories of the past…Oh I remember looking at myself postpartum thinking WHEN will I get rid of my stomach and HOW will I ever learn to manage these ginormous watermelons that are hanging above it. I was horrified. Somewhere in the back of my mind I assumed that everything would shrink right away or at least within the first month. Did I lie to myself there! Boy I was in denial…Now I looked good when I was prego, I sort of flowed like the Helen of Troy, or so I thought of myself at that moment lol.

Yes, I was the Pregozilla-hormonal freak-monster ready to devour anyone standing in my way, including my wonderful husband. I am coming after those clerks at Whole Foods if they closed those doors before I got my daily watermelon. Did you have watermelon cravings a lot? I did! I heard at least several other people had similar cravings for that darn berry! Did you know watermelon is a berry? Ha! Neither did I lol! I wanted spicy foods and watermelon with everything together, daily.

Then the French bakery came around to my attention at month four and I almost ate my life away there too. No, it’s NOT good for the baby, and I don’t have to eat for two!! I only need extra 300 calories per day, not 3000! La-la-la-la-la—mind over matter! So as I kept telling myself it will all magically disappear and I will get back to me faster than the speed of light. Well, I discovered quite the opposite. It would be a long road ahead…


This is I above in the picture the day before my induction. Yes, I think I had quadruple Ds and my back was screaming from pain every hour.

  • The postpartum “funzies”.

My dear readers, I concur that Fitness is a state of mind first and physical aspect second, and I’ll tell you why.

I gave birth in November. It was getting dark after 4 already, and thanks to the horrid postpartum depression that hit me pretty hard I did not want to get out at all for several months. Those of you who live in the beautiful Northwest know that the November weather is pretty darn depressing, added with daily torrential waterfall of rain it was a mixture of disaster for my emotional status. I cried with the rain I cried without the rain. I did not want to get out because I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. I felt and looked like an elephant. It didn’t matter who told me what. It was all in my head. I wouldn’t give myself a break. My dark circles under the eyes were so dark they looked yellowish as if the black plague hit me. I mean the Walking Dead had nothing on me…for REAL. Poor Alex.

After a while I started to get out a bit with the baby for some fresh cold air. Sitting on a balcony for a little bit during January was somewhat liberating I tell you! It was cold and yet the air was clean and fresh. I started to feel alive again. There was something cool about seeing the airy steam coming out of your mouth when I breathed out.

I knew that I had to change my attitude and make myself do something to help with loosing excess weight. The excess weight was in my head more than on my body but I couldn’t see it at the moment. I allowed myself the negative talk, which I chose over the positive that my dear husband tried to give me on a daily basis.

I decided to get out each day with the baby for just some park walks. Like most moms with newborns I did that several times a day when the weather permitted to do so. I noticed some (as I thought to myself at the time) CRAZY people running the park while pushing the strollers with live babies in them! WHHHAAATTT?? Oh I thought NEVER ME! Oh we’ll return to this subject in my later posts I promise you that)).

As walking in the park became a habit I realized that the time my child slept during those walks was the time that I was pondering about the future, thinking, developing ideas and overanalyzing things just because…I am a woman hehe! It was ME-time. It was the time I spent with myself for myself as well away from four walls and boxes of diapers. The added benefits of walking were seeing some weight to shed off slowly. I knew however, that I had to speed it up to see faster results.

  • After Winter comes the Spring.

The winter had slowly past so did the spring. By then Alex, our child, and I were sleeping like normal people actually through the night. By the time it was late May my hubby Alex, who is an avid soccer player and runner proposed that I try running. Mind you, I couldn’t run for five minutes without feeling like I was going to die. I HATED it at first. Hated it all, the struggle, the pain, the effort, ALL of it period-hash-tag-HATED RUNNING!!

Alex was patient and within a year I turned into a full-blown runner. I will tell you more about running in another story, but the moral of this one here is YOU GOTTA MAKE YOURSELF MOVE IT and do YOU! Walk, dance, cycle, move, anything–even if you are in the kitchen cooking dinner–move those hips as you do. You’re stuck at home? Have a busy work and you get home with the tongue down the floor by 7-8pm (oh I’ve been there too), and ALL you want to do is crush on that couch…but wait–you have laundry to finish, garbage to take out and dishes to wash–so squat as you fold those towels and change the garbage bag (you might end up with another baby doing so if your spouse is lurking evil-y in that corner))).

  • There is freedom.

There is a freedom in movement. There is a freedom in sweating, truly. This is not about loosing weigh. The weight is in your brain. I know it was in mine. It prevented me to see the road to actual fitness lifestyle, the road to freedom of movement, the road to new me. Yes, of course, we all have some things with our bodies we want to fix, and if some of you don’t –then you’re a lucky few! But with that said it is OK to strive for the best, it’s OK to want to loose weight, but we must want and ACT, and not want and SIT…sitting hasn’t gotten anyone anywhere far yet. You might discover a new you–take a walk in the park, and if you started to love it then brisk-walk it next time and so on. Don’t allow the negative thoughts bring you down, as often times we do that all too much.

These negative thoughts feel more comfortable sometimes, and allow us to stagnate in the “I’m OK” state of mind. So FIT your thoughts and encourage your own self-talk to serve you instead of bringing you down. YOU control that.

I truly hope that in this journey, especially if you are just starting out here that you will not stop. Continue to walk, jog, run, swim, dance, cook–anything that generates movement verses sitting on the couch. Start NOW.

You don’t know where to start??? –Are you sitting on the couch reading my blog now? Good! Now turn on your favorite song on YouTube and start grooving!

Let me know how you got back into fitness and what was your road to get there like?


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Endives anyone? Wait…whhaattt??

Hi guys,

So…I always wanted to find the ultimate warrior-salad options, where you jump in the kitchen ready to hover over anything that looks appealing and eat everything on an empty stomach but you need that quick and yet healthy salad ughhhhhhh…. It’s so not easy to do because by the time you think of salad you already found yourself shoving a chip in the mouth while thinking “salad, salad, sa….salsa ???”–The Scooby Doo face is on right about now!

This is my quick salad fix when I’m on the run. It’s all from Trader Joe’s.  It’s Belgian Endive…WHATTTT?? What is that? Well, it actually tastes like a fresh crisp baby green lettuce. I got the packaged baby beets that are already stewed and ready to eat (you can get yourself a can of organic ones at Whole Foods if you like that better). Beets add sweetness to the semi-bitter taste of Endive on its own. Cut off the bottom of our white “green” Endive and just slice it down like you would an onion or a lettuce–simple round circles, no need to split it in the middle unless you want to. Add a little of this refreshing vinegar (you can also use a drop of olive oil and lemon), add salt and a little black pepper or cayenne to your liking and Voila!

It’s fast, easy, literally will take you under 7 minutes to make it when you’re on the go or want something to munch on those late evenings–this baby will sure satisfy your cravings and nourish your body with beets and “green”(or white here) goodness! Joe’s.

If you would like to see the benefits of this fancy Belgian green see the link below:


Baby beets

great salad

The salad looks a bit pink. Do not worry, its the beets that did that )). Trust me it is DELISH!!!






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