4 Reasons You Should Lift

Lifting weights is considered very essential as part of a weight loss and body toning routine. I being the amateur gym-enthusiast had never the slightest idea, but a lot of feedback from gym-regulars gave me an insight into the important factors of staying fit and keeping healthy. Running, lifting weights and yoga topped the list in this feedback and it came as a revelation to me, because I knew running was good for keeping fit and so was yoga, but I also thought that gym sessions were up there too. Turns out lifting weights is the most important and the only thing essential in a gym, the rest of the equipment is just supplementary for body-focused sessions. Here’s what I found out, top 4 reasons you should lift –

  • Lose weight faster

It is a proven fact that lifting burns fat 40-45% faster than it does in cardio sessions. The research was conducted between groups that practiced aerobics and groups that went through weight training combined with light cardio (USC). The weight training group lost at an average 6 pounds more than the aerobics focused group. Weight training is crucial for losing fat and building a lean and fit body.

  • Increase in strength

The core focus of lifting weights is to strengthen the core and build muscle. Weight lifters have been proven to lose less muscle weight than those who don’t lift or just exercise. You may lose fat with exercise, but you will also lose muscle weight, which increase the chances of the flab coming back, diminishing the effort put into losing all that weight. Lifting weights keeps the muscles pumped, healthy and the body toned.

  • Fluid body function

Lifting weights is beneficial for increase in efficiency and reach of blood-flow throughout your body. Certain areas of our body don’t always have adequate blood-flow, but lifting weights combined with proper breathing techniques ensure that every area of your body has adequate blood flow enough to rejuvenate remote cells ensuring a balance in the functioning of your body.

  • A healthier mental state

With a body that is fit, toned and energized, an environment for the mind to stay focused is created, which allows you to handle stress well and perform as required. The balanced state of the body allows the mind to be free of physical stress and focus solely on observing and reporting. This creates a sense of confidence that is contagious, making you an accountable personality. This environment where the mind is surrounded by positive aspects, leads to better ventures across everyday tasks. If you feel good, you look better, if you look better, you perform your best.

So start lifting and stay consistent.  A little bit goes a long way!

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