The Simple Truth About Staying Fit

Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive It Can Achieve”– Napoleon Hill

Having an active lifestyle is a great concept that is not easy to upkeep. We are as people tend to succumb more effortlessly to things that are easier done and require less effort; hence our habits reflect our behaviors. Healthier body and mind do not come easy. It takes time, and it is a derivative of straight dedication and solid discipline. Results and gains don’t show overnight but they do come when you work hard at it with passion and a goal to stay fit.

Whether you are in the process of losing weight or restoring your health and inner being, or you started a new activity such as lifting, running or else, the point is the same—it takes significant effort day in and day out to continue towards your goal.

Not one day goes by where the lazy-you that sits inside doesn’t start its whining and presents you with the opportunistic thought to just rest today and lie on a couch. I admit—I fight that fight all the darn time. Each and every time I remind myself why I started and how far I got. I have not forgotten the pain and the tears, the joy and the desire to be in a better shape. This drives me daily.

You do have to listen to your body if it’s in pain and differentiate between the need to stay home and the desire to do so. If you can clearly see the difference you will not fail. You will not continue your plight. You will persevere and give yourself that 30 minutes after 8pm if you have to squeeze in your cardio for that day. You will lift your child up and down if you don’t have time for gym weights.

Whatever it takes, you will achieve. Don’t give up and you will win the fight and the whiny voice will sooner or later speak in lower volumes. Remember that even if small, gains are still gains. So keep it up and never give up on the opportunity to see a better healthier and happier you!

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