Things to Remember When You Try To Find Mr. Right

There was a time of my life where I thought that Mr. Right is gonna be around the corner. I’m pretty, educated etc…who would not want me for me, right? Well, I have learned along a few corner stones to say the least, that nobody is perfect, at all. There is no such thing as Mr. Right, Mr. Kind, Mr. God-follower, Mr. Rich, Mr. Educated, Mr. Calm, Mr. Funny, Mr. Cool, Mr. I love to dance, and other Misters combined all in one person without any cons (even if they are tiny).

Please don’t get me wrong, there ARE those wonderful guys out there that definitely  possess most of these traits or whichever traits are in your wish-book. However, I have learned that being realistic is good skill to practice here. After all, we are all not perfect and despite the current physical beauty all that will fade someday and what will matter is a person who honors and loves you for you and your spirit.

Yes, you should love yourself and yes you should have expectations and by no means, you should not drop your dignity or your definite YES’s to give in on your dream. But you should nonetheless understand, that all men are human. Thus, if you found the right guy and he has one or a few live-able annoyances about him–he is a keeper.

Good men are: hard to find, not perfect, have faults, have dreams. and might come with kids. Yes, because life happens to all of us.

You must be: realistic, understanding, strong, loving yourself and others, and never EVER let anyone, including yourself, violate your self worth.

You are worth that Mr. Right and he will come around. Keep your standards hight, realistically 🙂


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