Why Me-Time Is Non-negotiable

Ever get a feeling of being tired from being tired? The constant flow information and action over and over again at work and brain is ready to explode? Then you get home and you have children and a spouse (i.e. the big child) and they want a piece of you too? Yes, it’s called a desperate Me-time need. These feelings of being overwhelmed come hard when the ME-time is way overdo.

No matter how exhausted we get we don’t forget about our responsibilities, be it financial ones, family, jobs, putting others’ needs before our own. The worst part is that the lack of Me-time as I like to call it, will add on in volumes of frustrations later, if over time you don’t get an opportunity of rest to be just you alone with you. The Me-time is the ultimate fragment in a day of being unaccompanied, whether reading a book or pondering about life during a nice park walk, or a good old run in the rain.

If you have children, the Me-time concept is almost non-existent. If you are a single parent it is plainly a luxury. However, the time with yourself is an absolute need because the brain must have the ability to rest and you have to have the ability to recoup, renew and regenerate. Period.

When the stresses of today come into tomorrow, remember to breathe deep and simply just try to find a way to make that time, even for half of an hour. Sometimes, even ten minutes of peace and quiet makes a huge difference in the layout of the rest of the evening.  A time with yourself will allow for clearer thoughts, a healthier you, and a more stable nervous system. Take care of your family, but don’t forget about you too because if you break, so will they. Start your Me-time today because tomorrow doesn’t wait!


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